Jadual Bas 'Final Exam' Semester 2 Sesi 2012/2013

Jadula Bas Minggu Ulangkaji Semester 2 Sesi 2012/2013

Jadual Bas Semester 2 Sesi 2012/2013

Jadual Bas Semasa Final Exam

** No more amendments will be made.
Extra buses are allocated for the time where there will be a lot of students sitting for exams.
Peak hour:
* off campus: up to 7 buses
Desa Ilmu 5 buses
Uni Garden 2 buses
* on campus : up to 6 buses
Especially for students staying at Timur
A1 and B1 : additional 1 buses each

** Please take note of the time and number of buses available. We will not be responsible if you missed the buses. No calls will be entertained. We have given extra buses for this exam period. Thank you

**Please share it at your own wall, friends wall, and groups.
Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Please wait for the bus early. We are not responsible if you miss any of the buses.
There are lots of buses which are currently in bad conditions, hopefully everything is alright by finals.

For those with smart phones, please save it.
For those without smart phones, please print it.

Thank you very much.

Carol Liew Tze Woon
All the best in your exams.

Jadual Bas Semasa Study Week

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